Biological psychology II

Study level: Undergraduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Meri Tadinac, Ph.D., Svjetlana Salkičević, Ph.D.
Language: Croatian
Semester: 2nd (summer)
Status: mandatory
Form of instruction with class hours: 45 hours of lectures and 15 hours of seminars
Prerequisites: Biological psychology I
Student evaluation: written exam

Course description

The autonomic nervous system: structure and function of sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. Hypothalamus. The limbic system: structure and basic functions. The endocrine system: main glands, their functions, the consequences of dysfunctions, the interaction between endocrine and nervous system. Regulation of internal body states: regulation of eating and drinking, temperature regulation, sexual behaviour, theories of regulation, disorders. Emotions: autonomic responses, central structures involved in the regulation of emotions, theories of emotions. Sleep, wakefulness and circadian rhythms: slow wave and REM sleep, theories of sleeping, neural mechanisms of circadian cycles, sleep disorders. Attention. Learning and memory:  neurophysiological basis of sensory, short-term and long-term memory, memory structures of the brain, memory disorders. Hemispheric specialization: methods of investigation and basic findings. Speech: neurophysiological bases of speech understanding and production, speech dysfunctions.

Course objectives

Understanding the biological bases of motivation, circadian rhythms, sleep, emotions, learning and memory, speech, and disorders of those processes.

Required Readings

Tadinac, M. i Hromatko, I.: Uvod u biološke osnove doživljavanja i ponašanja. FF Press i Dominković, Zagreb, 2012.
Pinel, J.P. (2001). Biološka psihologija. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap.

Recommended Readings
ANATOMSKI ATLAS – živcani sustav.
Judaš, M. i Kostovic, I. (1997): Temelji neuroznanosti. Zagreb: MD.
A selection of journal papers