Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, is the leading institution for education of psychologists in the country, with a tradition lasting over 80 years.

Our vision is to provide students with top quality modern education based on a long tradition of research.

Students are trained for independent and creative work in accordance with the highest professional standards and for the lifelong professional development.

Sections of the Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology is composed of nine sections. Classes are generally held within a particular section, especially within the sections of applied psychology. However, should a class require so, teachers and staff of various sections engage in teaching for other sections or in conjunction.

Sections are as follows:

General psychology
Experimental psychology
Biological psychology
Developmental psychology
Social psychology
Work psychology and ergonomics
Health and clinical psychology
Educational psychology

A brief history of the Department of Psychology

1920 Ramiro Bujas developed the Department of Psychology from the Laboratory of Psychology at the Institute of Physiology of the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

1922 Section of Psychology is founded at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb

1929 Section of Psychology becomes Department of Psychology

1932 Publishing of periodic scientific psychology journal Acta Institutes Psychologici Universitatis Zagrabiensis begins

1953 At the initiative of Ramiro Bujas, section of Croatian psychologists is established, which gradually transformed into Croatian Psychological Association

1970 "Ramiro and Zoran Bujas' Days" are organized by the Department for the first time

1994 Creation of international scientific journal Review of Psychology

2005 Start of the new study program in compliance with the principles of the Bologna system