Postgraduate doctoral study programme



Professor Darja Maslić Seršić, Ph.D.
Room: C-317, Tel. 4092 199



Antonija Maričić
Room: C-307, Tel. 4092 190

Welcome to Doctoral studies in psychology!

By enrolling in doctoral studies in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, you are joining a wide group of psychologists characterized by curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm about scientific work in psychology. Teachers and supervisors in our doctoral program are scientists active in different areas in psychology, distinguished by their high scientific productivity, internationally cited works and fine teaching competencies.  In addition to 23 teachers from the Department of Psychology, our team of teachers and supervisors is enriched with scientists from other faculties at the University of Zagreb, Department of Psychology of the University of Zadar, Institute for Social Research and University of Split.

Doctoral students in psychology at the University of Zagreb have a range of research interests and different career paths. About half of our students work in academia, as researchers, research or teaching assistants, while others come from business, public and non-governmental sector. Therefore, our doctoral program is tailored to suit the needs of students who are employed. Students’ needs and their satisfaction with our studies, teachers and supervisors are continuously being monitored and reports are reported to students and teachers.

After successful completion of the preparatory year, candidates with background in other disciplines are also eligible to apply and enroll in doctoral studies in psychology. Candidates, which have completed their postgraduate MA studies within the previous curricular system, can enroll in one-year doctoral program.

The University of Zagreb Rules of doctoral studies, as well as our internationally accredited Program regulate rights and obligations of our doctoral students. Although our Program is partly delineated through obligatory courses, individual work with supervisors and other faculty is what represents its core. Depending on the needs and interests of students, we collaborate with visiting scientists from other countries.

We encourage students in their research endeavors; promote publication of scientific papers and participation in scientific conferences, as well as participation in student exchange programs. Upon enrollment, a committee of advisors is rendered to each student with the aim of creating and monitoring their individual study program. We encourage good working relationships between students and faculty members and promote collaboration among students. Commitment to research, openness to collaboration, innovation and scientific productivity is highly appreciated. 

Doctoral studies represent the highest level of academic education. Upon its successful completion, you will earn the academic title of the Doctor of Social Sciences, in the field of psychology. In other words, you will have developed competencies necessary to conduct research leading to new findings, as well as knowledge and skills needed to execute even the most complex task in your practical and applied work.

Join us!