Practicum in methodology of teaching

Study level: Graduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Nina Pavlin-Bernardić, Ph.D.
Language: Croatian
Semester: 3rd (winter)
Status: elective; mandatory for students who aim to be teachers of psychology
Form of instruction with class hours: 60 hours of exercise
Prerequisites: Methodology of teaching psychology
Student evaluation: Students prepare lesson plans and perform
teaching lessons, which is assessed. Final grade is a result of student’s performance during the exercises.

Course description

Different programs for teaching. Writing and analysis of students’ lesson plans. Watching and analysing video recordings of psychology classes. Teaching on giving feedback information. Making teaching materials. Simulation of teaching sequences. Students’ prepare and perform lessons in classrooms, which are being recorded. After each lesson the mentor and students together comment the planning and performance of lesson.

Course objectives

Students will achieve teaching skills through preparing and performing lessons in classrooms. The goal is to develop practical aspects of teaching competence. Students will be trained to develop the plans for the particular teaching units and to thoughtfully observe teaching courses. Students will be able to apply the achieved skills in school and extracurricular teaching.

Required readings

Arends, R.,I., (1991), Learning to teach, McGrow Hill, New York

Recommended readings

Kyriacou , C. (1997), Temeljna nastavna umijeća, Educa, Zagreb