Complex research designs

Study level: Graduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Dragutin Ivanec, Ph.D.
Language: Croatian
Semester: 1st or 3rd (winter)
Status: elective
Form of instruction with class hours: 15 hours of lectures and 15 hours of exercises
Prerequisites: none
Student evaluation: written and oral exam

Course description

Research designs with more than one independent variable. Designs with two, three and more independent variables. Between-subjects designs, within-subjects designs and mixed designs. Planning and structure of complex research designs. Possibility for using factorial designs in laboratory and natural settings. Procedures for selecting subjects and group formation. Usage of general linear model in complex research designs. Role and influence of research planning on General linear model usage (and vice versa). Usage of General linear model in other types of research design (non-factorial) (Latin square). One-way analysis of variance and General linear models. Comparison of means from different groups of subjects; interaction and interpretability of significant interactions. Independent data, correlated data. Effect size and statistical power. Analysis of covariance.

Course objectives

To acquire knowledge necessary to conduct and plan psychological fundamental and applied research. Knowledge and skills of applying appropriate statistic procedures for data analysis and its interpretation.

Required readings

Gmast, G., Meyers, L.S., & Guariono, A.J. (2008) Analysis of variance designs. A Conceptual and Computational Approach with SPSS and SAS. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Winer, B. J. (1970). Statistical principles in empirical design. New York: McGraw Hill.


Recommended readings

Breakwell, G.M. (2003). Research Methods in Psychology. London: SAGE Publications.

Hock, R.R. (2004). Četrdeset znanstvenih studija koje su promijenile psihologiju. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap.

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