Military psychology

Study level: Graduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Zvonimir Knezović, Ph.D., Tomislav Bunjevac
Language: Croatian
Semester: 2nd or 4th (summer)
Status: elective
Form of instruction with class hours: 15 hours of lectures, 15 hours seminars
Prerequisites: none
Student evaluation: written exam

Course description

Objectives, development, research area and methods in military psychology; Selection and classification in the army; Techniques and environment as a factor of military success; Fatigue, relaxation, circadiuric rhythms and military effectiveness; Sociopsychological specificities of military groups; Psychology of the behavior of military officials; Organization of psychological training of military officials; Psychological basis of special wars; Clinical and counseling psychology in the military; War trauma and PTSP; Military psychologist in Croatian army; Negotiating techniques, Women in the military; General military and psychological experiences of war in Croatia

Course objectives

Students will learn about fundamental research in contemporary military psychology (democracies of the western world). Students will be given a review of current status of defense system in the Republic of Croatia.

Required readings

Gal, R. & Mangelsdorff, A. D. (Eds.) (1991). Handbook of military psychology. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Pavlina,Ž., Komar,Z.(ur.)(2000, 2007). Vojna psihologija  (books 1-3). Zagreb: Ministarstvo obrane RH

A series of publications for the education of military psychologists published during the war in Croatia by the Croatian Ministry of defence in cooperation with the Department of psychology, Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb (g. 1991/92.).