Gordana Kuterovac-Jagodić, Ph.D.



Gordana Kuterovac Jagodić was born in Zagreb. She graduated psychology at University of Zagreb 1989., received  M.A. in 1994., and  received PhD degree in 2000. She has been working at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb from 1990. as a junior researcher and assistant, higher assistant (2000), assistant professor (2002), and is currently associate professor (2009). She has been in research and study visits in the Netherlands (1992), Norway (1992) and Sweden (2006). She lectured at Educational-Rehabilitation Faculty and Teachers’ Faculty in Zagreb, as well as for program of Business informatics at University of Zagreb. She was a supervisor in more than thirty graduation theses, four M.A. theses, and one doctoral dissertation. Gordana was head of Chair of Developmental Psychology, and deputy of the head of the Department of Psychology, and the Postgraduate Program in Psychology in two mandates. She has been collaborator in numerous scientific projects, and a main researcher at two of them. Gordana was a member and president of several scientific conferences and a leader of Summer school of Psychology for Students of Department of Psychology. She is a member of Croatian Association of Psychology, Croatian Chamber of Psychologists, European Association for Developmental Psychology, European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and a member of the Society for Psychological Assistance. She co-edited four books and over fifty scientific and professional papers and presented her work at numerous domestic and international conferences. She received Marulić: Fiat Psychologia award for promotion of applied psychology from Croatian Psychological Society (2013).

Gordana's two main field of scientific research are the effects of war and armed conflict on child development and psychological well-being, and determinants of parenting, particularly parenting of adolescent children. In her research of psychological aftermath of war she studied different effects such as posttraumatic reactions, depresion, anxiety, somatic complains, academic functioning, attitudes towards war, ethical issuess of the research impact of war on children, as well as posttraumatic growth.  In her research on parenting she studied psychological well-being of parents of adolescents, individual and environmental determinants of parenting, perception of parental role, and it's effects on parent-child relationship. In adition, she studied other aspects of adolescent development such as self-esteem, consumption behaviour, self-regulation, family predictors of addictive behaviour and pubertal development. As a researcher she participated in following scientific projects: Psychological and neurophisiological child development (1990.-1991.), Children in war (1991.-1996.), Long-term effects of the war on children’s psychosocial adaptation and school as the source of support (1997.-2000.), Determinants of parenting behaviour (2002.-2006.), Parental personality and parenting during children’s transition to adolescence (2006.-2012.). She was main researcher in two scientific projects Effects of children’s war experiences on cognitive domain of development (1998.-2001.) i Determinants of body dissatisfaction among boys and girls during adolescence (since 2013.).

Selected publications

Kuterovac Jagodić, G., Keresteš, G., Brković, I. (2013). Osobni, obiteljski i okolinski prediktori školskoga uspjeha: Provjera moderatorske uloge odrastanja u ratom različito pogođenim područjima Hrvatske. Psihologijske teme, 22, 1, 1-28.

Keresteš, G., Brković, I., Kuterovac Jagodić, G., Greblo, Z. (2012). Razvoj i validacija upitnika roditeljskog ponašanja. Suvremena psihologija, 15, 1,23-42.

Keresteš, G., Brković, I., & Kuterovac Jagodić, G. (2011). Predictors of psychological well-being of adolescents' parents. Journal of Happiness Studies. DOI 10.1007/s10902-011-9307-1. Published online November 22, 2011.

Kuterovac Jagodić, G., Keresteš, G., Brković, I. (2007). Attachment Styles Of Parents Of Adolescents And Their Parenting Behavior. In V. Ćubela (Ed), Book of Selected Proceedings, 15th Psychology Days in Zadar, May 25-27.2006 (pp.167-183). Zadar: University of Zadar.

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Kuterovac G., Dyregrov A., Stuvland R. (1994). Children in War: A Silent Majority under Stress, British Journal of Medical Psychology, 67, 363-375.


Undergraduate study programme in psychology

Graduate study programme in psychology

Postgraduate doctoral study programme in psychology

  • Developmental risks, resilience and psychopathology

Professional postgraduate programme in clinical psychology

  • Psychology of Sexuality
  • Clinical Assessment of Children 

Gordana Kuterovac-Jagodić, Ph.D.
Room: C-308, Tel. 4092-100

By writing professional papers and articles, participating in project activities, participating in organization and presenting at professional meetings, lecturing and educating, psychological counseling, talking and writing for media Gordana practice psychology and popularize it. She received Marulić: Fiat Psychologia Award for achievements in promotion of applied psychology from Croatian Psychological Society (2013). As an expert and researcher she participated in projects that delivered psychological assistance to children affected by the war and its aftermath, and in the education of their helpers both in Croatia and abroad. She is the president of the Agency for Education committee for the exams of child psychologists in kindergartens. She completed three years long education in systemic family therapy (1997-1999), one year education in family mediation, and three years long education for foster care educator expert (2003-2006). She is co-author of several psychological instruments that are used in practice and research. She reviews papers for research and professionals journals and books, and she translates professional literature. Gordana is long-term member of Council for Children of Croatian Government. She was vice-president of the steering committee of Croatian Psychological Chamber (2008-2009), and since 2011. she has been its president. Gordana is a member of professional sections of preschool and school sections of Croatian Psychological Society and Croatian Psychological Chamber. She is researcher in IPA project ICT Competence Network for Innovative Services for Persons with Complex Communication Needs that is supported by EU.