Ivana Hromatko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ivana Hromatko graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2001. She obtained a PhD in biological psychology from the same university in 2009. She worked as a research assistant (on projects Stress and social reintegration, Biopsychosocial determinants of experience and behaviour in health and disease, and Testing the evolutionary model of adaptation and health). She has participated in a variety of workshops and training seminars, most of them in the field of neuroscience, is a member of several scientific and professional associations, and has presented her work at numerous domestic and international conferences. She has published several book chapters and about twenty scientific papers. Ivana won the young scientists’ award from the Society of university teachers, scholars and other scientists - Zagreb (2007). As a recipient of the JFDP scholarship (U.S. Department of State Bureau, 2010), she spent a semester as a visiting scholar at the University of South Carolina. Since 2012 she works as an Assistant Professor at Centre for Croatian Studies and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Generally, I am interested in biology of behavior: from biological psychology which mostly studies proximal causes of behavior, to evolutionary psychology which studies ultimate (evolutionary) causes of behavior. More specific, I am interested in the field of behavioral endocrinology.

Selected publications

Hromatko, I., Bajoghli, H., Rebernjak, B., Joshaghani, N., Tadinac, M. (2015). Relationship satisfaction as a function of mate value. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 9, 242-256.

Hromatko, I., Hrgović, J. (2011). Are humans really that bad at theory-based judgments? The effect of evolutionary relevance of the content. Studia psychologica, 53, 2, 163-168.

Mellgren, R.L., Hromatko, I.,  McArthur, D., Mann, M.A. (2010). A test of the evolutionary explanation of jealousy in the United States and Croatia. Društvena istraživanja, 19, 915-931.

Hromatko, I., Butković, A. (2009). Sensation seeking and spatial ability in athletes: An evolutionary account. Journal of human kinetics, 21, 5-13.

Hromatko, I., Tadinac, M., Vranić, A. (2008). Femininity and masculinity across the menstrual cycle: A relation to mate value. Collegium Anthropologicum, 31, 81-86.

Vranić, A., Hromatko, I. (2008). Content-specific activational effects of estrogen on working memory performance. The Journal of General Psychology, 135, 323-336.

Hromatko, I., Tadinac, M. (2006). Testosterone levels influence spatial ability: Further evidence for curvilinear relationship. Review of Psychology, 13, 27-34.

Hromatko, I., Tadinac, M., Prizmić, H. (2006). Women's hormonal status and mate value influence relationship satisfaction and perceived male attractiveness. Psyhological Topics, 15, 315-330.



Undergraduate study programme in psychology

Graduate study programme in psychology

  • Hormones and behavior

Postgraduate doctoral study programme in psychology

  • Behavioural endocrinology

Ivana Hromatko, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Room: C-310, Tel. 4092-193

Actively participates in popularizing psychological profession and psychology as a science: she held several public lectures, publishes popular science articles, and participates in events such as the Festival of science and PsihoFest.
She also does professional translations and has participated in the translation of several scholarly books and textbooks.