Meri Tadinac, Ph.D.



Born in Zagreb in 1961. She got her B.S. in psychology in 1984, from the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, where she also got her M.A. (1986) and Ph. D. (1993). Since 1985 she has been employed in the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as an assistant, assistant professor (1997), associate professor (2002) and full professor (2007, confirmed in 2012).  Since 2003 holds a chair in Biological psychology. Teaches Biological psychology, Evolutionary psychology and Clinical neuropsychology. In the postgraduate programme the leader of the Neuroscience module. Has been a mentor to more than 40 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate students. Actively participated in various psychological and interdisciplinary projects. Published two books, four book chapters, 48 scientific and 8 professional papers, and actively participated in more than 80 conferences in Croatia and abroad, including six invited lectures. She also participated in the organization of various scientific meetings as a member of programme or organisation committees. A member of Croatian Psychological Association, Croatian Society for Psychosomatic Research, Croatian Sexological Association, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, co-founder and member of the Scientific commitee of the Croatian Society for Neuroscience. Translator of scientific books and university textbooks.  Reviewer for a dozen psychological journals and book publishers.

Main Meri's scientific interests are in the field of biological and evolutionary psychology, neuropsychology and health psychology. Her research covers various topics, such as biological correlates of personality and temperament, hemispheric specialization, psychological factors of health and illness within the framework of biopsychosocial model and Darwinian medicine, and partner choice in the context of long-term and short-term relationships.

Selected publications

Nakić Radoš, S., Herman, R., Tadinac, M. (2016). Is the predictability of new-onset postpartum depression better during pregnancy or in the early postpartum period? A prospective study in Croatian women. Health Care for Women International, 37(1), 23-44.

Hromatko, I., Bajoghli, H, Rebernjak, B., Joshaghani, N., Tadinac, M. (2015). Relationship satisfaction as a function of mate value. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 9, 242-256.
Nakić Radoš, S., Herman, R., Tadinac, M. (2015). Razvoj i validacija Ljestvice zabrinutosti u trudnoći. Klinička psihologija, 8, 151-166.
Tadinac, M., Sekulić, A., Hromatko, I., Mazul-Sunko, B., Ivančić, R. (2014) Age and individual sleep characteristics affect cognitive performance among anaesthesiology residents after a 24-hour shift. Acta clinica Croatica, 53, 22-30.

Nakić Radoš, S., Tadinac, M., Herman, R. (2013). Validation study of the Croatian version of the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale (EPDS). Suvremena psihologija, 16, 203-218.

Tadinac, M., Hromatko, I. (2010): Evolucija govora: Što nam mogu reći Hoover i Bonnie? In: V. Mildner i M. Liker (ur.).Proizvodnja i percepcija govora. Zagreb: FF Press (str. 255-264).

Tadinac, M. (2010). Why do we all want to be young and beautiful (and women especially)? From the evolutionary psychological perspective. Acta Clinica Croatica 48, 501-508.

Kotrulja, L., Tadinac, M., Jokić-Begić, N. Gregurek, R. (2010). A multivariate analysis of clinical severity, psychological distress, and psychopathological traits in psoriatic patients. Acta Dermato-Venereologica (Stockh), 90, 251-256.

Mazul-Sunko, B., Hromatko, I., Tadinac, M., Sekulić, A., Ivanec, Ž., Gvozdenović, A., Tomašević, B., Gavranović, Ž., Mladić-Batinica, I., Čima, A., Vrkić, N., Lovričević, I. (2010). Subclinical Neurocognitive Dysfunction After Carotid Endarterectomy—The Impact of Shunting. Journal of neurosurgical anaesthesiology, 22, 195-201.

Tatalović Vorkapić, S., Tadinac, M., Rudez, J. (2010). P300 and extraversion in the visual oddball paradigm. Studia Psychologica, 52, 1, 3-14

Tadinac, M., Hromatko, I. (2007). Own mate value and relative importance of a potential mate’s qualities. Studia Psychologica, 49, 251-264

Tadinac, M., Hromatko, I. (2006) Strangers in the night or love forever: Characteristics and preferences of short vs. long-term relationship seekers, Psychological Topics, 15 (2), 261-276.

Tadinac, M., Hromatko, I. (2004). Sex differences in mate preferences: testing some predictions from evolutionary theory. Review of Psychology, 11, 45-51.

Buss, D., Abbot, M., Angleitner, A., ..... Tadinac, M., Toodorova, E., Troland, K., Van der Brande, L., Van Heeck, G., Van Langenhove, L., Yang, K. (1990). International Preferences in Selecting Mates: A Study of 37 Cultures. Journal of cross-cultural psychology,  21, 1, 5-47.


Undergraduate study programme in psychology

Graduate study programme in psychology

Postgraduate doctoral study programme in psychology

  • Functional organization of the brain
  • Evolution of the nervous system and behaviour
  • Neurotransmitter systems

Meri Tadinac, Ph.D. (Chair)
Room: C-310, Tel. 4092-193

Meri Tadinac published 8 professional papers. She was a member ot the professional team of the University of Zagreb IPA 2008 Project Improving the capacity of the university system to create a framework for battling discrimination and corruption aimed at academic integrity. Translates scientific books, university textbooks, and psychological instruments and manuals. She contributes to the popularization of psychology through lectures within the Brain Awareness Week, participation in TV and radio programmes, and articles in popular press.