Study level: Graduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Vesna Buško, Ph.D., Damir Ljubotina, Ph.D., Blaž Rebernjak, Ph.D., Una Mikac
Language: Croatian
Semester: 1st (winter)
Status: mandatory
Form of instruction with class hours: 30 hours of lectures and 30 hours of exercises
Prerequisites: none
Student evaluation: written and oral exam

Course description

An outline and objectives of psychometrics; Construction of conventional multi-item tests and scales: general models; Item analysis; Classical and modern test theory: principles, assumptions, comparisons, models of CTT and IRT; Generalizations of the classical test theory within the context of latent variable models; The assessment of reliability: sources of measurement error, determinants of reliability, empirical estimates of reliability, meanings and uses of the reliability coefficients, criterion validity in the context of reliability theory; Quantitative evaluation of individual test scores (principles, approaches, standardization); The construction and usage of psychometric scales (test standardization); Evaluation of the differences among individual scores; Score equivalence, comparability and scaling; The process of validation of tests and test scores; Evaluations of declared test score interpretations for different and specific purposes; Criteria and standards for the evaluation of tests, test administrations, and the consequences of test uses.

Course objectives

The course aims at making students competent for resolving problems in the development, validation, and evaluation of psychodiagnostic instruments and their uses.

Required readings


Povjerenstvo za standarde pedagoškog i psihološkog testiranja AEA, APA i NCME (2005). Standardi za pedagoško i psihološko testiranje. Jastrebarsko: Naklada Slap.

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Recommended readings

Nunnally, C..J., Bernstein, I.H. (1994). Psychometric Theory; McGraw-Will, New York. Poglavlje 8: Construction of Conventional Tests (str. 293-334.)

Crocker, L., Algina,J. (1986). Introduction to Classical and Modern Test Theory. Harcourt Brace Jovanovic, Fort Worth. (Poglavlje 15: Introduction to Item Response Theory) (str. 339.-375.)