Psychology of gender

Study level: Undergraduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Željka Kamenov, Ph.D., Ivana Jugović, Ph.D. (Institute for Social Research in Zagreb)
Language: Croatian
Status: elective
Form of instruction with class hours: 30 hours of lectures, 15 hours of seminars
Prerequisites: Social perception and attitudes
Student evaluation: Student grades will be based on in-class assessments via various individual and group tasks and final exam comprising written and oral part.

Course description

Gender differences in development from early childhood to adult years. Biological, socializational and cognitive influences on gender differences. Gender specific problems and needs in various domains in people lives. Specific expectations and problems during education. Division of work and concern for family members. Two sexes in work environment. Men and women as parents. Different physical and psychological health problems and areas of seeking help. Psychosocial help consistent with gender specificities. The impact of psychologist’s own gender attitudes on psychosocial work with person of the same or opposite sex. Gender sensitive counseling work with individuals, groups and families.

Course objectives

Students will become sensitive to recognize and take into account gender specificities in various domains of psychological work: in education, organizations, psychosocial help. They will understand theoretical basics for gender differences and specific problems and they will learn to apply required psychological methods and techniques in their professional work.

Required readings

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Recommended readings
Canary, D. J., Emmers-Sommer, T. M. (1997). Sex and gender differences in personal relationships. New York: The Guilford Press.
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