Psychology of intimate relationships

Study level: Graduate study programme in psychology
Lecturers: Željka Kamenov, Ph.D., Margareta Jelić, Ph.D.
Language: Croatian
Status: elective
Form of instruction with class hours: 30 hours of lectures, 30 hours of seminars
Prerequisites: none
Student evaluation: Student grades will be based on in-class assessments via various individual and group tasks and final
exam comprising written and oral part.

Course description

Basic determinants of attraction and liking. Theories of interpersonal attraction. Mate preferences. Need for closeness. Relationship development. Adult attachment. Attachment styles. Definition of love. Types of love. Myths about love. Love and addiction. Marriage: expectations and satisfaction. Factors influencing marriage. Factors contributing to relationship satisfaction. Factors endangering relationships. Consequences of problems and dissatisfaction in relationship. Breaking up. Coping with the end of a relationship. Process of divorce and related issues. Specific problems of relationships between same-sex partners.

Course objectives

Students will gain basic theoretical knowledge about factors influencing starting, maintaining or ending an intimate relationship. They will learn about relationship issues and become familiar with existing treatments and methods for dealing with these issues.

Required readings

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Recommended readings
Christensen, A., Jacobson, N. S. (2000). Reconcilable differences. New York: The Guilford Press.
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