Psychology students club

Student representatives 2015/2016

Psychology students club

President: Josip Razum; e-mail:
Deputy: Lucija Šutić; e-mail:
Secretary: Ivana Lujić; e-mail:

Undergraduate programme

1st year
Representative: Gabrijela Mikulić; e-mail:
Deputy: Mirna Sečić; e-mail:

2nd year
Representative: Valentina Čarapina; e-mail:
Deputy: Ivan Lepej; e-mail:

3rd year
Representative: Andrej Benčić; e-mail:
Deputy: Dea Špiljarić; e-mail:

Graduate programme in psychology

1st year
Representative: Helena Pađen; e-mail:
Deputy: Lara Ludaš; e-mail:

2nd year
Representative: Martina Pocrnić; e-mail:
Deputy: Darija Škokić; e-mail:

Journal of European Psychology Students invitation

JEPS is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access journal for psychology students worldwide ( At the moment, we are looking for a way to reach more students who might be interested in publishing their research articles or literature reviews.

JEPS enforces high publication standards comparable to those of established academic journals. At the same time, we acknowledge that our authors are students and therefore adapt our review process to fit students' resources. JEPS also publishes replication studies and does not decline manuscripts based solely on the absence of significant effects. With the extensive feedback that we provide, student authors are given insight into the publication process as well as the opportunity to improve their research skills.