Study programme: Psychology
Institution: Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb
Carried out by: Department of Psychology
Duration of study: 4 semesters
Professional or academic degree awarded upon completion of the study: After completing the study candidates acquire the degree of Master of Psychology.

The basic objective of the Graduate study of Psychology is gaining research and professional competence in psychology:

(a) methodological training provides students with the ability to independently draft and conduct psychological research, plan, implement, and evaluate projects and programs;
(b) the acquisition of knowledge in specific areas of applied psychology (for example, in industrial, or academic, or clinical psychology) as well as professional knowledge and skills necessary for practical work;
(c) efficient solving of professional problems based on professional knowledge and skills, and critical and creative thinking;
(d) the ability of professional communication with clients as well as with members of interdisciplinary teams;
(e) the preparedness to continue the scientific and professional development;
(f) the capability to perform professional tasks and solve technical problems on the necessary ethical level.

Psychologists are employed as professional assistants in all services of modern society: preschool institutions, primary school, secondary school, higher education, social welfare, employment, health, economy, police, army, trade (marketing), public and governmental institutions (such as economical and similar chambers, state institutions for social welfare, etc.).

A completed program with acquired degree of Bachelor in Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, is required for this program.