Admission Requirements

  • All information regarding the application for admission to Master's study, Faculty of Humanities, is available on the link:
  • Requirement to enrol in this program is a completed program with acquired degree of Bachelor of Psychology.
  • All candidates have to take an entrance exam for admission to Graduate study programme of Psychology. The entrance exam consists of a test that includes the basic material of the compulsory courses at the Undergraduate study of Psychology. The final score for each candidate will be formed on the basis of the score at the Undergraduate study programme (50%) and the results of the entrance exam (50%).
  • Students who have completed the Undergraduate study programme in Psychology abroad have to contact the Office for academic recognition of the higher education qualification with the University of Zagreb ( before applying for admission to the Graduate study programme. The certificate that the application for recognition of the higher education qualifications was filed is to be submitted on enrolment to the Graduate study programme.