A list of elective courses, which will be held at the Department of Psychology in the current semester, is published on the pages of the Undegraduate/Graduate programmes.

Inscription to elective courses will be conducted through Studomat.

It is recommended that students inscribe to about 30 ETCS points per semester (mandatory + elective subjects) as to have their programme requirements evenly distributed during their study. The minimum of ECTS that need to be inscribed each month is 25.

We urge the students not to sign up for more elective courses than they need as later withdrawals from the courses will not be allowed. Also, it is highly recommended to follow the study programme schema and therefore not inscribe to elective courses from a higher study year - if a student inscribes to an elective course from a higher study year the Department is free to unscribe such a student from this course.

Inscription to elective courses

Undergraduate students sign up for courses through Studomat.

Information on enrolment can be found at ISVU services (link:

Registration and recognition of elective courses outside the Faculty

The procedure is as follows:

1) Students of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb, have the possibility to just listen to courses at other faculties. In doing so, the students should seek permission from the lecturer of the course they want to enroll to. Such courses are not recognised as electives and are not recorded in student's transcript.

2) If a student wants to have the course held at another faculty recognised as an elective course at the Department of Psychology, they have to apply to the Council of the Department of Psychology for approval to follow that course as an elective at the beginning of the semester in which the course will be held. Attached to the application the student must submit a confirmation from the lecturer, approving the student to listen to their course, as well as the syllabus of the course. After completing the course, the student must apply a request to the Council of the Department of Psychology for the recognition of the completed course.