Study programme: Psychology
Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb
Carried out by:
Department of Psychology
Duration of study:
6 semesters
Admission requirements:
Completed four-year high school, passed state graduation exam, and passed entrance exam.

Upon completion of their studies, students acquire analytical and social skills that enable them to continue studying psychology (and other similar studies), which are also applicable to future employment where they will be able to:

(a) apply knowledge of the methodology of scientific research in solving most of the problems posed;
(b) use basic skills in working with computers;
(c) use a foreign language in professional communication;
(d) critically interpret scientific and professional literature;
(e) apply statistical reasoning in preparation and implementation of empirical research and practical work;
(f) understand basic knowledge of psychology as fundamental and applied science;
(g) apply the skills of independent learning;
(h) independently plan and organize work assignments in different areas of activity such as, for example, public service, economy, journalism, social welfare, and so on.

This program does not provide the necessary competence to perform psychological practice of any kind.

If a student decides to continue their studies at the Graduate level, they can follow the study programmes in the field of social sciences and education at the proposing institution or other institutions in the Republic of Croatia (sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, philosophy, information sciences, and social work, education and rehabilitation sciences, preschool and school education, economics, journalism, etc.).