Welcome notes

It is our great pleasure and honour to invite you to the 37th STAR conference, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia between July 6th and 8th 2016.

The annual STAR conferences provide a unique opportunity to share, learn and discuss recent theoretical and applied developments in the fields of stress, anxiety and coping. In this forum, STAR has been exceedingly active in providing an opportunity to disseminate research and clinical findings in an international forum.

The theme of the 2016 conference is Stress and Anxiety in a Changing Society. In Croatia and the wider Balkan region, the last 20 years have been characterized by a period of high turbulence and fluctuation. We have experienced massive changes to our social systems and national borders. This, in turn, culminated in a war and subsequently an economic crisis that continues to this day. In addition to these large and wide-reaching social changes, this region has also been faced with the changes experienced by societies worldwide, such as those related to globalization, new technologies, and new norms regarding respect for individual diversity and human rights. While these challenges offer a wealth of new opportunities, they also act as potential sources of stress and anxiety. At the conference, we hope to encourage discussion and reflection on the interesting changes faced by all of us, no matter where we find ourselves in the world. You will have an opportunity to share ideas, gain new knowledge and derive inspiration in a number of ways, including listening to addresses from our esteemed keynote speakers, actively participate in a pre- and post-conference workshops and attending symposiums and paper sessions. In addition, we aim to offer a conference with a strong emphasis on social contact and networking.

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, provides an excellent foundation for this rich learning experience. We might summarize the impressions of the growing number of foreigners who visit Zagreb in a single sentence: a city of a million inhabitants that has managed to stay romantic and clean, and which offers visitors pleasant strolls and much enjoyment in a city full of parks and lively pedestrian zones. In short, it is a city that has managed to preserve its soul and identity as well as its cultural and historical heritage, something of which we are very proud.

The conference venue will be the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. The host of the conference at the Faculty will be the Department of Psychology, the leading centre for psychology studies in Croatia with a strong academic tradition spanning over 80 years. The University of Zagreb (est. 1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. With its comprehensive programs and over 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University is the most highly recognized teaching institution in Croatia. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the leading humanities and social sciences faculty in Croatia, with high results achieved in both teaching and research.

We warmly invite you to join the 37th International Conference of STAR and enjoy world reknowned keynote speakers, take part in intensive professional discussions, and experience the welcoming atmosphere of Zagreb University and the pleasures of the city of Zagreb. 

The 2016 conference promises to be a stimulating and inspirational experience in academic, professional and social spheres. We look forward to seeing you in Zagreb!


Nataša Jokić-Begić

President of the Organizing Comitee


Dear colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you to the 37th Annual Conference of STAR: The Stress and Anxiety Research Society.

STAR is a truly global research society with a strong focus on the concepts of stress, anxiety, and coping. We have a mission to promote the study of these concepts, in order to progress both our understanding and our development of applied practice. As a multidisciplinary community, STAR provides a unique platform for behavioural, social, and health scientists from right across the world.

As well as a strong emphasis on applied and experimental research in stress and anxiety psychology, STAR conferences also focus on social, political, and policy-related aspects of these subjects.

Our conference has travelled the world for nearly four decades, and we are pleased to now visit the beautiful city of Zagreb. The themes of the conference related to a wide range of conceptual and applied topics of both perennial and contemporary significance. 

The schedule for STAR 2016 incorporates a vibrant sequence of keynote addresses from leading figures in stress and anxiety research, as well as paper sessions, workshops, exhibitions, and social activities.

The conference team have prepared an outstanding programme, and STAR 2016 is set to be a truly excellent occasion. It is our pleasure to be in Croatia, to grow, to explore, and to learn.


Best wishes,
Professor Brian Hughes
President, STAR: The Stress and Anxiety Research Society