NEUROSHARE: Sharing tools and expertise in behavioral neuroscience

What is CEEPUS?

  • stands for Central European Exchange Program for University studies
  • multilateral University exchange program
  • main activity is the support of knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange and experience between univeristies in the member states


  • main aim of the NEUROSHARE is to increase PhD and MA student’s mobility in the area of neuroscience and related topics
  • visiting (or virtual) mobilities enable students to take advantage of the diverse expertise and laboratory equipment at different partner  institutions
  • aside from the more traditional form of mobility (attending courses), NEUROSHARE puts emphasis on research-related mobility (conducting research, collecting/analysing data be using facilities and expertise offered at host university); thus student and teacher mobilities are granted

13 partners (from 9 CEE countries):

Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Local coordinator: Andrea Vranic (

Department of Psychology, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Local coordiantor: Asmir Gračanin (

Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Local coordiantor: Michał Wierzchoń  (

First Department of Neurology at Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University,
Czech Republic

Local coordiantor: Milan Brázdil (

Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Local coordiantor: Oliver Toskovic (

Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Local coordiantor: Jovana Bjekic (

Department of Psychology, University of  Novi Sad, Serbia
Local coordiantor: Sunčica Zdravković  (

Department of Psychology, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Local coordiantor: Bartosz  Gula (

Institute of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria
Local coordinator: Ferenc Kemeny (

Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Local coordiantor: Anja Podlesek (

Program in Psychology, University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Local coordiantor: Jelena Mašnić (

Department of Psychology, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Local coordiantor: Maida Koso (

Institute of Applied Health Sciences, Faculty of Healthcare,
University of Miskolc, Hungary

Local coordiantor: Tamás Tompa (

Network coordinator:

Andrea Vranić, PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Zagreb

Coordinator’s meeting was held in Zagreb, 29.-30.9.2021. Presentations of participating partner institutions and CEPPUS overview: